23 January 2012

food photography

I have been doing a little organizing and cleaning out in this new year. It is a great feeling to get things streamlined. I had a few days recently where I had some extra time to go through my phone and begin cleaning out some of the pictures I have taken over the last year or two. All of this to be said, because I realized how many pictures I actually have of food! Meals I have made, or enjoyed in a restaurant, or from the farmer's market. If you know me or have had a meal with me, you mostly like know it is a common thing for me to pull out my phone and photograph it before ever picking up a fork! I used to take these photos with my Nikon, but since I don't really have a food blog or an outlet like that, it seemed to be a little much. Now I just use my phone, because I always have it with me, and it seems less intense. I know I do this because of all of the beautiful colors that are naturally found in food, and also the creativity that comes from preparing it. But I am now realizing it is also a way of journaling. Documenting. As I scrolled through the pictures I could remember where I was, who I was with, why I wanted to "mark" that meal down in some way. Recently I downloaded a Hipstamatic lens called "Foodie." Again, if you know me, you most likely know I take a lot of Hipstamatic photos, so combining the two is perfect for this little tick of mine! Looks like I will not be stopping anytime soon! Here is a collection of some of my favorite shots from the last year and below a documentation of when they were taken!

Top left to right:
Dinner at Becco in NYC with Claire, that was the beginning of a fun and memorable night about town  |  Yazoo Gerst during one of my favorite Summer days spent by myself doing only what I wanted to do  |  Micheal Worthy's famous fish tacos during our vacation at the beach, I love every meal I have ever had with Michael and his wife/my best friend Brooke  |  gorgeous latte at Crema on a regular coffee date with Faith  |  Beef Bourguignon made by Faith for a perfect Fall dinner party at her house with Chris, Ellen, and Nekos  |  tomato soup with avocado during the cold quiet days of heavy snow at the beginning of the year  |  strussel muffins and fruit that was the start to one of the most fun yard sales ever  |  Silly Goose specialty "King Kong" couscous on a lovely summer evening with Claire  |  loads of produce from the Nashville farmer's market on the weekend of July 4th, that resulted in lots of pickled okra, frozen corn for the winter, and a festive cake for a cookout  |  apples from a trip with my parents to the farmers market in the fall, that was one of my favorite days  |  french toast from brunch with friends Adrianne and Megan  |  cheeseburger at the new local joint in East Nashville, The Pharmacy, on a really fun New Years Eve day with Nicholas  |  holidays flavors at Jeni's in East Nashville—a "night cap" after the performance of Charlie Brown Christmas at the Family Wash with Geoff, Katy, Claire, Susan, and Courtney  |  tacos from South Depot Taco Shop in Oxford, MS with Nicholas  |  Lunch at Edely's in 12 South before the holidays with friends Adrianne and Faith  |  Christmas turkey smoked by my brother-in-law Roy and it turned out gorgeous  |  bananas to go on toast with peanut butter and honey after a long new year's eve  |  strong cup of joe at Fido in Hillsboro Village with dear friend Kath while talking about life and the upcoming year

02 January 2012


I am a day late in the "new year" post because I spent January 1st giving myself permission to lay on the couch, watch the Law and Order: SVU marathon, and be lazy! However, I rang in the new year on a rooftop in downtown Nashville, dancing and laughing with friends. It has been years since I spent a New Year's Eve like that, but decided that I am 31, single again, and probably needed to mix it up a bit. I felt like it might be a good way to officially get back in the game. But really, it was just fun to get a new cocktail dress, put on heels, and feel a little sassy. I have mentioned before that I don't really make resolutions, and this year is no exception. However, I do actually feel more goal-oriented this year than I may have 12 months ago. Instead of just wishing for a year to go by without any sudden movements or changes I am ready to shift a few things about my life. I am grateful for the time I have had to be quiet and heal and gather myself back up. But, like a friend of mine recently said of her own goals for the new year, it is time to focus on myself and make changes for my life, that might get me to the next phase. And I finally feel confident enough that I am ready for that. So, here's to another one.
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