26 November 2008

I am engulfed again in printing and carving, so these
book covers by Cristóbal Schmal tugged especially
hard at my creative heart strings. Beautiful!

via Grain Edit

03 November 2008

beautiful prints that i recently got from Hammerpress.
this studio has always been one of my favorite, and i am
so happy to add these to my humble collection!

07 October 2008

I had the pleasure of visiting Urbanic while in Santa Monica.
It was a great little store and I walked away with some awesome
cards from Alee and Press.
(They are the ones featured in the last photo.)

01 October 2008

I spent a wonderful couple of days visiting my friend in Santa Monica...we visited the Getty, drove down the PCH to Malibu, shopped, stayed in a beautiful hotel, and ate fantastic food.
I captured most of it...just wish i had gotten more pictures of the food!

17 September 2008

my talented friend Faith has taken the brave leap to start her own boutique design group, Creative Shift Design, and it was a fantastic decision! The work is smart and beautiful, so check it out!

10 August 2008

08 August 2008

still getting used to the new camera (which i am totally in love with), but here are a few things that have been part of my week.

03 August 2008

I am not one to freak out over my birthday, but this one was a blast!
movie in the backyard...definitely top on the list.

see more here

23 June 2008

cool poster that my husband designed for his band back in the day. (he is the one in the front with his hands coming at you!)

we found the original crammed in a closet while moving our friend (back right, also the drummer), so I had it scanned so we can have it forever.

I love it!

20 June 2008

recent photos from my Diana camera.
there is an unplanned theme of yellow running through them.
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