10 June 2010


I kept hearing about the iPhone app called Hipstamatic, and FINALLY decided to get it. Now I can't stop taking pictures with it!

09 June 2010

creative hiatus

I have been on a little bit of a creative hiatus the past few months.
Not necessarily a planned one, but more out of necessity. I don't expect to jump back into my long list of projects that I had going at the beginning of the year, but I do think I will start on another quilt.
I have been ready to get my hands working again, and I have found with quilting, I am able to quiet my mind and still be productive. There is a meditative quality to it and that is exactly what I need right now. Will update with pictures along the way, but here is an image that sparked a possible color palette and maybe pattern.

07 June 2010


Spent an afternoon this weekend with a friend scouting out places for her wedding photos. Snagged a few shots for myself. It was stormy and the sky was doing some weird things. I like how it is almost non-existent in some of the images.

06 June 2010

cabin in the mountains

Spent a few days with my family in a cozy cabin in the mountains.
No cell phone service, beautiful scenery, and got a new pair of moccasins.
Not a bad way to escape from life for a few days.

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