27 April 2011

oilcloth outdoor table

In my attempts to update the back yard, I can't help but notice that my outdoor furniture could use a little sprucing up too. So, I am trying to find inexpensive ways to do this. I have a wonderful and huge back yard, but don't necessarily have much shade and protection from the elements, so any furniture I have out takes a beating. For example, this little table. This was part of a larger set that E had many moons ago. The larger table and chairs were passed on to a friend who moved into a new house a few years ago—but this table was too useful to not hang on to. The only problem is, the white base and "glass" top show any bit of dirt and it never really looks clean. So, I found a can of red spray paint in the garage that I had used for another project. There was still had plenty left and thought it would be a great color for the base. For the top, I spent about $7 to get this pretty floral oilcloth at my favorite local fabric store. I cut it to the size of the top, added a few drops of super glue to reinforce that it would stay put, and popped it back into the base. A few bucks later and I now have a bright new table to enjoy. And I still have plenty of oilcloth left for another project!

26 April 2011

marimekko + crate and barrel

There are a few things out there that I will actually swoon over, and Marimekko is top on that list. If you are not familiar, Marimekko is a Finnish textile and clothing design company that has been around since the 1950s. Their designs consist of bold colors and timeless patterns that can be seen on textiles, clothing, bedding, plates, cups, even umbrellas (I mention those in a previous post). My first Marimekko item was a beautiful shower curtain that features a green and white block print that I got from Crate and Barrel. Crate and Barrel has had a relationship with Marimekko since the 60s and over the years have used their patterns as backdrops for their store designs, as well as carried select bedding and bath items. There are very few Marimekko stores in the states, so C&B has been one of the few places that you can easily order from. However, they have just launched a full out Marimekko Shop! It has a wider variety of items to brighten up any aspect of your home and life. A year ago, while wandering around the square in Oxford, MS I stumbled upon an actual Marimekko store there. SO RANDOM. I could not contain how excited I was that this was so nearby, and by the end of my visit was talking design with the owner like we had known each other for years! I got my second item there—a bright yellow coffee mug that features a running calf, that to me, looked like he was flying! You can see a green version of this mug in the image below. It sounds crazy, but I feel a bit brighter every single time I use that mug. The Oxford location is no longer there, so this online shop makes me very, very happy!

Photos from the Oxford, MS location

Photos from the Oxford, MS location

24 April 2011

yard sale

Saturday turned out to be a great day to have a yard sale! Thankfully the weather held off and although there had been crazy storms all week, it did not rain at all by the time Saturday rolled around. I made some good money, got rid of things I have been carrying around for years, and cleaned out some closets and the attic. All of that is well and good, but had I not joined forces with four other friends to do this, it would not have been nearly as much fun! I am fortunate to have hilarious friends, but combine that with all of the the strange people that come to yard sales, the bizzare items we all have collected, and spending roughly 10 hours together, you will end up with so many laughs it makes all of the work worth it. It is interesting to see what people will buy, as well as, what they don't buy. For example, the Jester head on a stick went within the first hour and half, but the Brookstone ipod dock priced at $10 did not sell! I believe most people thought it was some sort of strange fan though, so that could have been why. And then there was the fake cameo necklace that brought us many, many laughs...turns out it was a hot ticket item. Yet, the beautiful piece of amber was left in the pile at the end of the day. One of the TWO bread slicers were sold, but the 8 piece dinner set that was a really great set seemed to not cut it. And then there was the zipper purse—a purse made entirely of zippers—that had many lookers, but against all of our pushing it was never sold. That was actually the item we all decided had to sell in order to make this entire thing successful! And then there was the Ninetendo DS that was stolen! We all feel pretty sure it was the strange guy that was making us all very nervous. Believe it or not, he CAME BACK later in the day!! Acting equally weird, but all five of us were up and hovering around him, so he left. Unbelievable!

So, Claire had a wacky old man hit on her multiple times, Bobby became our "Manager", Susan discovered her ability to stage the tables for maximum selling, Heather's Jr Prom dress was the source of many jokes, and I laughed more than I have in a long while. Oh, and I was also the top seller! And thanks to so many friends that dropped by to say hello!

18 April 2011

so apparently I make these now...

Here is the latest terrarium that I have put together! My friend Susan saw my first post and asked me to help her make one. After looking at different containers, we decided upon this large, square shape. She wasn't sure how she felt about adding feathers, marbles or rocks; and felt that something a little simpler might be more her style. So instead, I decided to cram as many plants in it as possible letting the variety of succulents give it its texture. Because the container was square and would show more of the layers than a curved container might, we decided to make that a focus. I layered the bottom with a two-toned combination of shiny white sand and white rocks. It contrasts well with the dark soil and makes the shades of green in the plants pop.

I have an order for two more already! Not to mention I found a pretty awesome container recently that will be a perfect home for a tiny red fox that I have...so let me know if you want in!

15 April 2011

record collection

Last weekend I decided it had been too long since I listened to my records; so I pulled some of my favorite, dusted off the record player, and opened the windows! It was a perfect afternoon of some of my favorite songs. The timing is good as Record Store Day is tomorrow. I am looking forward to spending the day with friends, perusing through the racks at Grimey's, and picking up some more vinyl for my modest, but dearly loved collection!

Neil Young "Comes A Time"

Otis Redding "Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)"

Talking Heads "Take Me to the River"

Tim Buckley "Song for Janie"

Bob Dylan "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"

This is quite possibly one of my favorite songs of all time.
Van Morrison "Into the Mystic"

04 April 2011

umbrella shopping

I was having a discussion with a friend recently about umbrellas. About the fact that we never want to spend any money on one, but always wish that we had when it is raining out. She had found a colorful one on sale somewhere and finally decided to get one, and was saying what a difference it made. I can say that I have never really purchased an umbrella that was over $10, and they are all usually black. I think I may have had a red one at some point, but feel pretty sure I borrowed that from a friend! My current one (black, of course) was a freebie from a vendor backstage at Bonnaroo, and after 5 good years it has finally gone missing! It has always been the kind of thing that when I come across one I would like to get, I decide I would rather spend my money on something else. So, with all of this being said, I need to get a new one and think it is time to spruce it up a bit! It is raining something awful here today, so all of this umbrella browsing has helped add a bit of cheer. I am a huge fan of Marimekko, so feel certain I will go that route, but have always loved the MOMA umbrella with the sky on the inside. I wish I had that bright yellow one today, but will have to make do with an old Yankee's ball cap in the meantime.

MoMA Sky Umbrella; Marimekko Unniko Umbrella; The Classic Umbrella in Marigold; Totes Bubble Umbrella; Marimekko Mini umbrella in a pattern I am not sure of; Bella Pagoda in Black and White; Classic Vintage Burberry Umbrella; Marimekko Petrooli Compact in Orange and Pink; Brooks Brothers Tattersall Umbrella
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