26 August 2010

yellow owl pendants

I have been working really hard this afternoon to avoid doing any actual work! So of course I began to peruse my favorite blogs and websites—which in one sense is "work" because it provides LOTS of inspiration that I am able to use in my projects. Anyway, I have always loved what is coming out of Yellow Owl Workshop, but these pendants are too cool. I definitely want to get the Color Wheel, but am not sure I can pass up the Earth/Fire and Air/Water ones. I am a fire sign; E was air. 

15 August 2010

uniter, not a divider

The Tomato Arts Festival was this weekend. I have been asked by many people what this festival actually is, and really, I am not sure the best way to explain it. I think you just have to experience it. But, basically, it is a festival of art exhibits, live music, food, Bloody Mary contests, crafts, costume contests and a weekend where the entire neighborhood of East Nashville focuses on the tomato! The idea is that the tomato is a "uniter", not a "divider" in the sense that people think it is a vegetable, when really it is a fruit! Strange, I know, but this is sort of a glimpse into what East Nashville is all about anyway. The best part is that the whole neighborhood has a reason to come together. This festival holds a pretty dear place in my heart, not only because I love living in East Nashville, but because I have been going to this festival since the early stages that it started. It has grown so much, and continues to get bigger. Which is very good for our little quirky neighborhood. However, the one thing that hasn't changed is the blazing HOT weather! Man, it takes commitment to get out in 98 degree heat in the middle of August, but the end of the day Bloody Mary makes it okay I suppose!

10 August 2010

the big 3-0

I turned 30 this past week. I definitely can say it is not what I expected it to look like. As hard as the past handful of time has been, I guess I am very thankful for it all. I have experienced many things most people don't get to experience, and at the end of the day it has made me what I am. And I finally like who I am as I move into my 30s. My time with E has alot to do with that.

People are right when they say holidays and birthdays are difficult when you have lost someone in your life. I missed E alot—had many memories of past birthdays flooding my thoughts. But, I had so many beautiful friends around me all week as well, and I feel blessed with the wealth of love that I have in my life right now. Good food and drinks, great music, and lots of laughter walked me into this new decade.

self-portrait at 30
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