13 November 2009

Over the summer my grandmother passed on to me, a quilt that had been made by her Aunt Cora—but was never finished. It is so amazing...tiny little swatches of vintage fabric that make up a larger flower pattern. And not only is the honeycomb pattern intimidating enough, but the fact that is was all done by hand...well, that just put me over the edge!

I plan to finish it one day. I want to spend some time finding the appropriate fabrics for the back and binding; as well as, have a little more experience under my belt. But, what a special thing to receive!

(Aunt Cora is featured in the last picture)

09 October 2009

There is a series on PBS right now called Craft in America.
It is really great and would encourage anyone to try and catch an episode or two, or watch them online.

I think people sometimes associate the word "craft" with hobbies that can be easily picked up at a local chain store. This is absolutely not true. I have found myself waking up to what this world really is, and finding that I am slowly moving straight towards it. It is about making something handmade, unique, inspirational, but also useful. Pottery, printing, textiles, building instruments, making baskets, furniture making...it is all around us. It is worth taking a second look and really understanding the importance of this in our world today.

26 August 2009

Recently, E and I were digging through the attic trying to find a hat that he had of his dad's, when we came across an old chest that had been left by the previous owner's of our house. We know very little about the couple that lived there, only that he was part of the Underwater Demolition team during WWII, and that she lived there by herself for many years as a widow and had taken really good care of the house. Somehow this chest got left behind by their family. It wasn't filled with too much, but there were old letters and cards, some of his medals, and then a box of photographs and postcards. These were my favorite...

11 August 2009

I love fruits and vegetables, not only because they taste so good (especially when they are fresh!) but because the colors always amaze me. I found these little tiny peppers and tomatoes recently and loved the natural theme of green, yellow, red and purple in both!

there are such beautiful colors in food...it is one of the reasons I love to cook. I have spent a lot of time at the farmer's market this summer and always leave there inspired. It is satisfying to know where your food is coming from and to find jewels like this; but mainly I like to spend a little time looking at all the shapes and colors that are coming from nature.

26 July 2009

18 May 2009

I recently photographed a friend's apartment.
He has a great collection of artwork, photographs, and books. No matter where he lives, his "space" always seems to have a consistent energy too it...which is always inspiring. So I did my best to document that. More photos on my flickr.

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