28 January 2011

lottie+doff mac+cheese

I have a minor issue with taking pictures of the food I am eating, as you may have already noticed! But I don't talk much about how much I enjoy cooking! There was an interest at a young age, but over the past few years I have actually learned to prepare food well. E had a love of cooking and I learned a lot from him. He was the kind that didn't need a recipe. Could just throw it together and voilĂ ! I still need the recipe crutch but have been doing it long enough now to be able to prepare a handful of dishes by heart. Trying new recipes makes me a bit uneasy though. There is nothing more disappointing than spending time in the kitchen only to have the food turn out so-so. This has happened quite often for me when I have tried something new! But this was not the case for this Mac + Cheese last night. The recipe came from a blog that I frequent, and it really turned out the way I had hoped it would. I didn't have red pepper flakes so left that out, and I would maybe put in less onion (only because I tend to like less onion in all food), but I will definitely add this to my list of keepers. Try it! It is perfect weather for this comfort food!

26 January 2011

january, snow, and peace

There has been more snow these past few months than I have ever experienced. It has been cold. Gray most days. This winter has been difficult. I have been stuck inside, so I am reading more. Mostly about grief. Whether it has been someone else's experience or just facts about the process. I started with one story, which led to another, which leads to more. I tend to "go to the literature" when I am presented with something new. To get a bigger picture of it all. In the end I believe this will be a rewarding thing, but lately I have not been so sure. It brings up realities and feelings that at this point in healing might be better left untouched. But I know better than to pretend it is not there, so I continue forward.

I was presented with something today, however, that renewed my belief in the bigger picture. Reminded me that energy and love and souls never really separate. In the midst of this sadness, this grief and mourning, this gray, dormant, quiet space I am in; I was given a gift of true peace. To say I am thankful is an understatement. It is life-altering.

20 January 2011

fred shand quilts

If you know me, you know I love the store Anthropologie. I love their catalogs, mostly for inspiration, and still have the very first one that I got while in college. So receiving their email blast is equally exciting! Although, there are some days I just have to delete it before opening because I don't even want to see what I can't afford! I am thankful today was not one of those days. They featured some of their new items that will wake up your dwelling. One of which were these quilts and pillows by Fred Shand. The part of my soul that is the artist was singing this morning as I scrolled through the items. I have a belief that one day I will be experienced enough of a quilter to make art quilts that would hang on the wall. Not the kind you see in log cabins, more along the lines of these.

18 January 2011

where do my bluebird fly

I feel the need to share this video and song. I have been to this exact place. With E. We had lunch right there to the left in the area under the umbrellas. They joke in the beginning of the video about it being right in the middle of the tourists. And it was! But, we didn't care. We were together in Australia, nothing else mattered. What a beautiful day that was. What a beautiful and sad memory that is. What a beautiful and sad song this is. I find it a bit haunting though. In the way that songs can sometimes touch on something that you are feeling and you don't really know how to say.

"Where Do My Bluebird Fly"
The Tallest Man on Earth

Oh, well I knew you shook the set-up baby,
of all the leaves up in the ground
And I know our song is all but healthy
as I see dry leaves fallin' down, oh
With all this fever in my mind,
I could drown in your kerosene eyes oh
You're just a riddle in the sky
Oh, where do my bluebird fly?

And as the early sign of dawn and thunder
I see you stir the fog around
And when you find the voice and gears of sunset
we'll hear that high and lonesome sound, oh
And I will question every wind
if they gone through the glow of your eyes oh
You're just a riddle in the sky
Oh, where do my bluebirds fly?
I say where do my bluebirds fly?

Oh, well I know you stroke your feathers baby
upon the ghosts along my trail
And I know our lie was sold and buried
before I knew it was for sale, oh
With all this fever in my mind
I could aim for your kerosene eyes oh
You're just a target in the sky
I say where do my bluebirds fly?
I say where do my bluebirds fly?

17 January 2011

dancing, climbing in the attic, and long weekends

The first few weeks of this new year have somehow slipped by me! Plenty has happened, but nothing worth going into detail about. All of this snow and cold weather seems to slow me down a bit. However, this weekend was one of the better weekends I have had in a while.

Dancing on lower Broadway.
Working with a dog trainer
Found a cool new hangout that is just around the corner.
Had some great help with cleaning/organizing the attic.
Spent time with a friend that I have not seen in over 5 years.
Finally met her two beautiful little girls.
And, believe it or not had plenty of time to catch up on terrible tv!

This is the last long weekend for a while, I am thankful it was a good one!

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