29 December 2010

the best little christmas gift

On a Tuesday morning, December 21st, the sweetest little Christmas gift arrived.
6 lbs. 12 oz. 21 inches long. My nephew Hunter.

What a relief that all went well, and what a miracle a new baby is! I may be partial but this baby is so sweet and beautiful, and a rockstar. His entry into the world seemed like it was just another day! He wasn't crying or freaked out, but rather just taking it all in. And my sister and brother-in-law are rockin' it too. I have never really watched this process up close, but am amazed by how naturally humans figure it all out. Of course, there are plenty of books out there to inform the parents, but I am not sure that is it. To see a day old baby figure out how to get food and cry when he needs something, well, there is definitely something built inside of us to be able to do that.

It was a very different Christmas this year, and for that I am grateful. I can't really think of another "distraction" that would be as enjoyable as he is!


Katherine Michael said...

So sweet! Being an aunt is awesome!

whatley said...

Emily, He is such a beautiful and happy baby! Been thinking about you this holiday season and so glad you have this "distraction" Until I had my own children, becoming an aunt was the best thing that happened to me (especially considering the time in which it happened.....Corbin turned 1 right after mom passed away) He was the reason I got out of bed some days! Children make all the difference in the world and I believe they are brought into our worlds when we need them the most! Love and spoil him as much as you can, which I know you will!! Congratulations Auntie Em!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Love you!

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