07 August 2013

400 Moons Shop Update

Well, after taking a couple of months off to enjoy the Summer, I can say I am recharged and ready to get a few new projects up and running in the 400 Moons shop! Starting with a revamp of my actual website and online store. Today is the launch of the first of many "pop-up shops" that will take place before the end of the year. Each pop-up will consist of a small group of curated items, with some product being staple items, and others, one-of-a-kind. I am excited about the creativity that this format opens up for me, and also, about being able to provide a unique online shop experience!

Please check out the 400 Moons website and see what I currently have available. This pop-up will be up through August 30th.

1 comment:

kasey@girlinthegrayhouse said...

i love everything and the pop up shop is a great idea! i already see some things i want for myself and some things that would make great christmas or wedding gifts. :)

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